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Join the Team!

MSAR is looking for team-oriented positive people who are interested in providing this vital service to our community. Members from all areas and backgrounds contribute their time and range of skills including field search (#groundpounder), basecamp operations (#baseace), operational support, and professional counsel. If you are interested in joining MSAR you can attend a general membership meeting to learn more about the team and organization and to see if MSAR is a fit for you. If you are ready to join MSAR, contact us to complete an application and background check. You will then meet the Board for an interview. 

To learn more about joining MSAR, attend a general meeting, or receive an application, send an email to

Minimum Requirements for MSAR Members

Maui Search and Rescue members must complete a course that includes classroom and field sessions. Membership requirements include:

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Reliable transportation

  • Means to purchase your own equipment

  • Ability to read, write, and communicate effectively in English

  • Ability to receive and respond promptly to callout & team communications

  • Have current personal medical insurance

  • Complete MSAR Board Interview

  • Pass a background check (Federal & State online service ~$45 charge)

  • Complete and pass our MSAR Basic 40-hour Training course

  • Participation in regular training activities and All-Team meetings

Field personnel additional requirements:

  • Ability to pass Backcountry Physical Test which includes a hiking the equivalent of 2 miles in rough terrain in less than 1.5 hours while carrying a pack that is 20% of your body weight (weight to be determined in the field, not including water)

  • Current First Aid/CPR certification

  • Complete and pass 3 free FEMA online classes


For more information please see our TRAINING page


Other Things You Should Know

  • We are all volunteers, we do not get paid for our work

  • Each member is responsible for obtaining required equipment

  • We train & search in all types of weather and terrain, day and night

  • Callouts to search may be with short notice requiring a response to anywhere on Maui

  • We search for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations: Missing hikers, children, Alzheimer's patients, mentally ill, suicide victims, body recoveries, evidence searches including those for human remains, and more.

K-9 Teams

You do not have to have a dog to join the K-9 Unit! Although dogs are an extremely valuable resource, a majority of our members do not have dogs. On most searches we have both K-9 teams and ground teams (#groundpounders) in the field.

If you do have a dog that you think would be a good fit for search & rescue, please contact us to discuss your dog's temperament and abilities. Training a dog is extremely rewarding and valuable, however it is also an extreme time commitment. Training usually takes about a year and a half to achieve certification, depending on the specialty, the dog, and your time dedication. Initially you will train about 3 times per week, usually two weekday evenings and a weekend day. After certification, you will need to continue training throughout your dog's career to keep both you & your dog up to date and to improve your team skills.

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